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POSTEK Barcode Printing Boosting Medical Inform

Date: 2015/1/23

Due to new developments in Science and Technology, Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT120) has gained extensive attention from medical industry experts, and will bring new opportunities to China’s medical industry.

The 3rd China Healthcare Technology Innovation Summit was hosted by Noppen in Shanghai on January 15-16, 2015. This summit provided the perfect place to discuss current medical informatization and its tendencies in China, exchange ideas on regional cooperative healthcare systems, and share successful experience in establishing healthcare information systems. Also at the summit, the local Board of Health, hospitals, clinics and renowned enterprises engaged with WIT120 to field heated discussions on hot topics such as Digitalized Hospital, international medical informatization, hospital messaging and Electronic Health Record (EHR), mobile healthcare and tele-medicine in the perspective of government strategy, operational challenge and technology development.


Science and Technology Promotes Future Transformation of the Medical Industry

During the two-day summit, director of the Law Department of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, vice director of the Medical Reform Department, presidents and deputy presidents from several well-known Shanghai hospitals and Chief Information Officer analyzed the application of medical informatization technology and EHR, explored the new service mode under WIT120, discussed the current problems and challenges, talked about the role of information technology in medical innovation practice, and shared experiences in hospital informatization practice, which fully presented their wisdom, perspective and strategies as industry leaders.


Combined with the development and practice of the local medical industry, the vice director of the Medical Reform Department, Xu su, specified the requirements for the application of EHR from different aspects such as wireless networks, data security, system stability and network infrastructure. In addition, directors of Information Centre and Computer Centre demonstrated the establishment of the medical information system, the current application, and problems of WIT120 in the Age of Big Data. Presidents and deputy presidents from several hospitals introduced their actual application of WIT120 in clinic and emergency treatments.


Focused on the theme “Medical Informatization and WIT120”, the 3rd China Healthcare Technology Innovation Summit not only invited principals from the local Board of Health and hospitals, but also attracted lots of famous enterprises in the medical industry. Several enterprises exhibited their newest technologies and solutions, for example, Carestream provided comprehensive medical service solutions, IBM, Intel, Cisco and Commvault presented their information communication and DPC solutions, and Postek displayed medical barcoding solutions.



To provide better service, promote higher treatment quality and achieve a higher degree of satisfaction, hospitals endeavored in consistently perfecting informatization solutions, gradually establishing Digital Hospital Systems, transforming traditional hospital management and creating a new service mode under WIT120. The widely adopted HIS system, LIS system and RIS system create efficiencies in appointments and registration, prescription pricing and cashier systems, hospital admission and discharge management, hospital expense management, pharmacy management, and many more. As a result, hospitals experience optimal management of personnel, finance, material resources and information, boost comprehensive benefits and competitiveness, ensure medical quality improvement, and guarantee patients’ information security.

As one of the leading enterprises in the barcode printing industry, Postek exhibited a series of barcode printing solutions and applications for upgrading patients’ information security and enhancing hospitals’ working efficiency, and even shared successful experience and cases in serving medical establishments.

At clinics, self-service terminal equipment offers self-service registration, payment, and receipts printing, avoiding long lines at the registration and cashier counters. Postek’s medical identification bracelet provides patients with the only identification mark, makes record of patients’ physical states by barcode from admission to discharge, and keeps medical staff informed of patients’ information. At the hospital pharmacy, medical staff can print medicine unit dose labels according to each prescription at anytime, and verify and maintain records of the dispensing of medicine by scanning barcodes. At the blood bank, Postek printing solutions are mainly applied in blood bag label printing. Specimens in the hospital’s laboratory are labelled in order to improve accuracy and efficiency. As a result of the Postek healthcare solutions, all hospital wards are adopting patients’ information identification and dispensing of medicine.

The 3rd China Healthcare Technology Innovation Summit provided a perfect platform for all participants to share experience and resources. “It is of great significance for Postek to exchange information and share experience about domestic medical informatization progress with medical experts, scholars and business partners, which not only enhances Postek’s influence, but also promotes our development in China’s medical industry. In the future, Postek will continue to devote itself to providing strong technical support and excellent solutions for medical informatization evolution, boosting the rapid upgrading and innovation application in the medical industry,” said the director of Postek.

About Postek:
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